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The thrill and anxiety of buying a home can keep you up late at night fantasizing about everything from what shade of grey you’ll paint to what additional documents your loan officer is going to request tomorrow since the list seems to be endless, is really only one small part of the home buying process and the often overlooked information you should be more focused on is local community information.

I am creating this blog to help inform people on what San Diego is like and what different communities have to offer. What do the locals think?? What do locals do? Where are the Trader Joe and Whole Foods communities? What kind of retail stores are in the area? Are there good walking trails? How far from the beach is it? What is the overall culture, demographics, and feel like? These are all questions I’ve heard many times being in Real Estate since 2010 and I hope this blog will answer many of those questions plus more over time, so enjoy and feel free to contribute.

Many realtors focus on the items needed to get their clients qualified and successfully closed, which is of course important and includes things like proper qualification with a lending bank, size, price, and the condition of the home. However, many of them do not properly introduce their clients to new neighborhoods because they simply are not well informed.

You can change many things about a home, the only thing you cannot change is the location. So, click below and learn a little bit more about this place we call home.

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